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Abstracts of Talks 

गुरु-शिष्य शिष्टाचार, Smt. Saraswati Mallik

The presentation will illustrate through the episodes of Ram Charit Manas the importance of Guru and his mutual relationship with Shishya, The etiquettes between the king and his Guru, etiquettes for the royal princes during apprenticeship and various stages of life, disastrous consequences of not following proper etiquette with guru resulting in Lord Shiva’s displeasure and severe curse and softening of the punishment through guru’s compassion and help. The presentation will begin with the glorification of the guru and end with a discussion on the importance of a guru in life benefits of proper etiquette.


Etiquettes for Management, Shri Ram M. Mallik

Ram Charit Manas is treasure house of management etiquettes. Shree Ramji himself is an ideal manager. The presentation will discuss through the episodes of Ram Charit Manas several important issues in every day management for example decision making with openness and inclusion of all stake holders, proper recognition of a good work as well as reprimand and censor for any dereliction of duty, inculcate a sense of duty and dedication, encouraging all ideas for consideration and independent advice without any fear. The presentation will conclude with some remarks on Shri Ramji’s management etiquettes.



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