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Abstracts of Talks 

Goswami Tulsidas, Dr. Sarita Mehta

The talk will briefly cover about Goswami Tulsidas, one of the great devotees of  Shri Ram Ji.  He is one of the most familiar saints in India and his version of the epic story of Shri Ram that is called “Shri Ramcharitmanas” is an extremely popular scripture.The talk will address about the brief story of Tulsidas ji , his immortal works, and wandering and miracles of his life. This talk will also address the significance of Shri Ramcharitmanas, as every chaupai written in it is holy like a mantra. This talk will close with few lessons from Goswami Tulsidas’ life as a pioneer, showing the path to new generation.


Hanuman Ji, Shri Dayanidhi Das

Sripad Dayanidhi prabhu will be speaking about the glories of Shri Hanuman ji given by Sri Narad rishi from Shri Brihad Bhagvatamritam written by Srila Sanatan Goswamipad. Also, why Lord Ramchanra left Hanuman ji in this world when he left for for Saket Dham, his eternal abode.


Vibhishan, Smt. Saraswati Mallik

Vibhishan is one of the foremost  Rama Devotee and an excellent example of surrender and devotion to Lord’s lotus feet. In spite of his birth in the demonic race and being a bother of Ravana he was a worshipper of Sri Ram. He in his young age did severe penance and asked for pure love for the lotus feet of the Lord. Sri Hanumanaji recognized the devotee only by his different type of prayer house, Hari Mandir. When Sitaji was brought by Ravana to Lanka Vibhishan had posted his daughter Trijata to look after her. He gave all help to Sri Hanumanaji in Lanka. Inspired by him decided to surrender unto Lord and take shelter in His protection. He is not sure that Sri Ram will accept him as with a tamasic body he is naturally addicted to sin. But he remembers His compassion for six devotees Ahalya, Dandakvan, Sri Janakiji, Marich, Bhagvan Shiva and Sri Bharatji. Sri Rama receives him with open arms in spite of concerns expressed by Sugriva and declares,” My vow is to dispel all fears from the mind of those who seek refuse in me”.  Vibhishana becomes a sincere devotee and trusted adviser in His service. Presentation will discuss the pastimes of Sri Rama and Bhakta Vibhisahan in context of Devotion and Surrender, Bhakti and Sharanagati and Lord’s compassionate love and affection for His devotees.


Kaikeyi, Smt. Vimla Agrawal

I will be speaking about Mata Kaikeyee about her true love for Lord Ram. People generally think she is a bad character, but how much she sacrificed to fulfill Lord Ram's desire is completely unparallel. Without her devotion, Lord Ram's descendence on this earth planet would not have been completed.


Lakshman Ji, Shri Sachin Agrawal

No one can describe the unlimited glories of Sri Lakshman.  Sri Lakshmanji's service is not limited to only the time of the Lord's pastimes in this material world.  Rather, He is thirsty for service at every moment and in every way imaginable.  In this talk, we will discuss how Sri Lakshmanji continuously serves the Supreme Lord through his various forms.  


Ahimsa: A form of Bhakti, Dr. Sulekh Jain

My talk will share relationship  between Ahimsa and Bhagwan Ram. Jains regard and revere Bhagwan  Ram as an embodiment and symbol of unconditional ahimsa  who like Bhagwan Mahavir attained Moksha. There are 8 different versions of  Jain Ramayans (out of nearly 400 different Ramayans in India including by Balmilki  and Tulsi ji) and  Jain Ramayan depicts Rama as a great emancipated personality who did not compromise with  and  walk away from Ahimsa.


Shabri, Shri Vikas Budhiraja

Mother Shabri has a very special place in the pastimes of Lord Ramachandra. In the Lord’s pastimes several prominent devotees served Him in different ways with their heart and soul. Their loving devotion was in the mood of great awe & reverence for the Lord. However, mothet Shabri’s loving devotion transcended all awe and reverence. She offered berries to Lord Rama that she had first tasted. In Ramacharitmanas, there is no description of even mother Kaushalya feeding Lord Rama like this. Such devotional mood is called ‘madhurya’ versus mood of ‘aishvarya’ (awe & reverence). In this presentation, we will discuss the specialty of mother Shabri’s devotion in the mood of ‘madhurya’.


Jatayu,  Abhai Tripathi

This presentation is an attempt to seek out the essence of Ram bhakti of Gidhraj Jatayu. Besides covering the greatest deed done by Ram Bhakt Jatayu of giving his life to save mata Sita from the clutches of Ravana, I will also try to cover some stories that some of us might not be aware of. There are many stories about how Jatayu became a friend of Dashrath, his lineage and other pastimes which happened before lord Rama blessed this earth.


Vishwamitra, Shri Arun Sharma

When I hear the word devotee a sense of chanting name or meditating or praising the god of my devotion easily comes to my mind. But when read the ancient scriptures, I hardly find such references of devotion. So what was the meaning and the purpose of the word devotion during the era Sri Ram performed his pastimes. Karma yog was one of the most prominent and practiced paths of devotion. Even being the architect of Ram Rajya, Maharshi Vishwamitra didn’t take the credit of any of his work. He gave every credit to Sri Ram, whether it’s killing of Tadka, Subahu and their army, liberation of Ahalya,  Breaking of Shivdhanush or passing on all military technology to Sri Ram. Vishwamitra devotion towards Sri Ram was so pure that all his good work of architecting that Yuga was credited his master Sri Ram. His devotion was real and ideal. 


Kausalya,  Shri Ram M. Mallik

Kausalya is an eternal Rama Bhakta and the Lord’s boon to her is one of the reasons for Him to incarnate as Sri Rama. In her previous life as Shatarupa she was the wife of Swayambahuva Manu who became Dasaratha. She along with Manu went through a long austerity and penance. This greatly pleased the Lord. He granted Manu’s wish to incarnate and be his son. The Lord then asked Shatarupa to express her wish. She endorsed Manu’s request. She further asked for the same bliss, destiny, devotion, attachment to Lord’s feet, the insight (viveka) and mode of living as enjoyed by His devotees. Lord granted her all this and anything thing else in her mind.  As her new born son Sri Rama revealed only to her His divine true four armed form (chaturbhuja roop). Later as a playful child Sri Rama revealed to her His  marvelous infinite form, every pore of whose skin contained millions of universes. This way Kausalya enjoyed the pastimes of the Lord as her son conquered by her love and devotion. Presentation will discuss about the intimate relationship and pastimes of Sri Rama with Mother Kausalya and Ram Bhakti in Vatsalya Bhava.


Kevat, Shri Mahesh Derashri

श्री राम कहते रहे कि केवट नाव लाओ नाव लाओ पर केवट नाव लाया। भला केवट की क्या हिम्मत कि श्री राम कहें और केवट नाव लाए, परन्तु श्री राम ने केवट की अन्तर्निहित भक्ति को पहचान लिया और अपनी लीला जारी रखी। कथा तो कथा है परन्तु इस प्रसंग में आज के सन्दर्भ में इतनी महत्वपूर्ण शिक्षाएं निहित हैं की मुझे आश्चर्य होता है कि तुलसी दास जी ने जो बातें कही, कई युगों तक उपयोगी रही हैं और कई युगों तक उपयोगी रहेंगी

What is Bhakti? Dr. Omprakash K Gupta

Bhakti is the essence of Ramayana. In this talk an attempt will be made to understand who is a Bhakt and what is Bhakti. The talk will be based on teachings of Lord Himself in Shri Ramacharitmanas.




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