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कल्याणकारी राम चरित मंथन 2015 - वक्ता (Speakers)

  1. Shri Ramaseshu Yaddanapudi is a devotee of Sita & Rama, a disciple of Swami Vidyadhishanda. He grew up listening Valmiki Ramayana from great masters.

  2. Shri Chikeersha Puvvada is an attorney and entrepreneur in Sugar Land.

  3. Smt. Usha Mehra recently retired after working in corporate world for many years. She is very much interested in reading, understanding and reciting Ramayana and is well-known community leader in Houston.

  4. Dr. Umesh Bhatia is a biotech professional.

  5. Smt. Vimla Agrawal was born and brought in a small town of Haryana state. She completed her BA, B. Ed. in India and B.S. from University of Houston. She worked at UH for ten years as a systems analyst. Her spiritual journey started when she met Srila Gurudev in 1996. She tries to give her insignificant service to His lotus feet.

  6. Shri Naryan S. Dave considers himself a meek devotee of Bhagwan and by the immense grace of Bhagwan he has been blessed with wonderful family and friends where devotion is the prime pursuit. In material world, Narayan Dave is accomplished Environmental professional with more than twenty years of experience in various industries and has received various awards in his filed including “spirit of the Bayou” award from his current employer Ascend Performance Materials in Alvin, TX. Narayan has an MBA from University of Houston, MS from New Jersey Institute of Technology and BS in Chemical Engineering from Bharat.

  7. Dr. Omprakash K Gupta is a professor of management at University of Houston-Downtown. Though he has not read much about Ramayana, Shri Ramajee has blessed him in recent years that has motivated him to read Manas.

  8. Shri T.D. Tewari loves reading and listening various books  and scriptures  and to understand their spiritual and inner meanings. He has always enjoyed Shri Morari Bapu  Ram Katha  and other pravachan over 20 some years. In his early childhood, he used to listen various Upanishads  and other scriptures from his parents. From time to time, he has given talks at Hindu Worship Society  and other places.

  9. Dr. Sen Pathak is renowned scientist known globally for his contributions to cancer research. He is also a devout Hindu committed to promotion of religion.

  10. Shri Vikas Budhiraja is a Krishna devotee. 






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