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कल्याणकारी राम चरित मंथन 2014 - वक्ता (Speakers)

  1. Shri Ramaseshu Yaddanapudi is a devotee of Sita & Rama, a disciple of Swami Vidyadhishanda. He grew up listening Valmiki Ramayana from great masters.

  2. Dr. Nik Nikam

  3. Shri Dinesh Singhal is a board certified trial attorney with over twenty years of experience.  Dinesh strives very hard to incorporate Ram's life lessons in to his family life as well as into his law practice.  Dinesh credits the comic books Amar Chitra Kathas to have given him the first exposure to Ram's life and principles.

  4. Dr. Arun Verma has a Doctorate in Engineering; MBA in Marketing, and has held senior positions in the Energy Industry. Currently, he is Chairman & CEO of BVM Investment Group and serves on several Boards & Commissions. He was also Chairman of Govindji Gaudiya Maath. He has been instrumental in organizing the first Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in 2008 which continues to this day, Ram Navami Mela in Spring 2010, and more recently Ram Leela Play in theaters since 2010 and Dussehra/Diwali Festival at Skeeter's Stadium in Houston since 2012.

  5. Shri Nikhil Mehta is an entrepreneur & owner of the UPS Store Business, Houston Galleria Area. Earlier he worked as an engineer with NASA in Houston.

  6. Shri Ram Mohan Mallik has technology and management background working as Director Process Technology in Fluor Corporation in Sugarland. Has been a student of Sri Ram Charit Manas for some time. He has published articles on topics related to Indian religion. He attended the first Rama Charit Manthan and gathered the ideas from presentations by the Manas scholars.

  7. Shri Chikeersha Puvvada is an attorney and entrepreneur in Sugar Land.

  8. Dr. Kusum Vyas is a graduate of University of Nairobi and Texas A&M University was born in East Africa. Kusum’s focus is on issues that threaten the earth's environment and to raise awareness about the devastating effects which humanity is inflicting on the planet. Kusum is founder of Living Planet Foundation and Esha Vasyam, both US based non-profit organizations and Energy and Environmental Management Research Institute (EEMRI), an international NGO in Kenya. Kusum is a founding member of the Green Pilgrimages Network and coordinator of Bhumi Project of Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. She is leading the international effort to green and clean Hindu pilgrimage sites. The initiative is globally facilitated by ARC in partnership with ICLEI and UNDP.

  9. Smt. Usha Mehra recently retired after working in corporate world for many years. She is very much interested in reading, understanding and reciting Ramayana and is well-known community leader in Houston.

  10. Smt. Saraswati Mallik is a housewife and a longtime student and lover of Ram Charit Manas. She has published four articles on some episodes of Manas and Maithili Janakanadini.

  11. Dr. Umesh Bhatia

  12. Smt. Vimla Agrawal was born and brought in a small town of Haryana state. She completed her BA, B. Ed. in india and B.S. IN COMPUTER SCIENCE from University of Houston. I worked at UH for ten years as a systems analyst. My real spiritual journey started when I met Srila Gurudev in 1996. I try to do some insignificant service to His lotus feet.

  13. Dr. Sarita Mehta is a lecture in Hindi Language and Indian Culture at Rice University, Houston, TX. She is a professional endowed with thorough knowledge and experience in the areas of language and Indian culture instruction, technology applications, curriculum design, and has done four Masters, and her Doctorate degree in Education. She is an Artist, author and poetess. Though she has not read much about Ramayana, yet the deep-rooted “sankaars, transferred from the family are the guiding principles of her life which motivated her to speak in the manthan.

  14. Dr K. D. Upadhyaya is a practicing doctor for almost 30 years, a dedicating servant on all religious, charitable and social  events , trustee in HWS TEMPLE, India Culture Center and various professional organizations,have been attending and listening to all religious preachers for over 25 years,dedicated worshiper of "Ram-Charit Manas" and Lord Hanuman Ji Maharaj, vary well known person for these in houston.

  15. Shri Naryan S. Dave considers himself a meek devotee of Bhagwan and by the immense grace of Bhagwan he has been blessed with wonderful family and friends where devotion is the prime pursuit. In material world, Narayan Dave is accomplished Environmental professional with more than twenty years of experience in various industries and has received various awards in his filed including “spirit of the Bayou” award from his current employer Ascend Performance Materials in Alvin, TX. Narayan has an MBA from University of Houston, MS from New Jersey Institute of Technology and BS in Chemical Engineering from Bharat.

  16. Dr. Omprakash K Gupta is a professor of management at University of Houston-Downtown. Though he has not read much about Ramayana, Shri Ramajee has blessed him in recent years that has motivated him to read Manas.






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