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कल्याणकारी राम चरित मंथन - वक्ता (Speakers)

  1. Dr. Kavita Gupta is a pediatrician by profession. Though she considers ‘Krishna’ is her Ishtdeva, she has equal devotion for Shri Rama. This is her first attempt to do an analysis of role that women play in Ramacharitmans.

  2. Shri Prabhat Chander Sharma is an engineer by profession. He has been actively associated with Hindu Worship Society since 1974.  He implemented the idea of Raj Sayal, coordinated the first Community wide celebration of Janamashtmi at George Brown Convention Center in Houston. He is also one of the founding members of Hindus of Greater Houston association.

  3. Dr. Prem Chand Shridhar is Acharya of the Arya Samaj Grater Houston Vedic Culture Center. He has been a Pracharak of Arya Samaj for 35 years. He is very energetic Vedic scholar and missionary of Arya Samaj. He holds Ph.D. from the Delhi University with a thesis titled "Philosophical Reflections in Rigvedic Legends." He has published a number of articles and books on Vedas, Vedic Culture, and Arya Samaj and has presented papers at many conferences in India and abroad. His published work on Vedic Culture and Arya Samaj includes books in English and Hindi, which spread the message of the Vedas. He has traveled all over India, Kenya, England, Canada and the USA, spreading the divine knowledge of the Vedas.

  4. Shri Arun Prakash has an MBA from Banaras Hindu University. By profession he is a consultant. He has initiated Hindi programme in Houston. He has taught Hindi at Rice University, and currently teaches at University of Houston and Bellaire High School. He has recently authored a textbook for leaning Hindi, नमस्ते जी. Shri Prakash is widely respected in Houston for his several community services, most notable of them of organizing Hindi Kavi Sammelan in Houston for several years.

  5. Pandit Vidhudatt Mishra is currently priest of Hindu Worship Society temple in Houston.

  6. Shri Arun Verma has a Doctorate in Engineering; MBA in Marketing, and has held senior positions in the Energy Industry. Currently, he is CEO of BVM Investment Group and serves on several Boards/Commissions. He was Chairman of Govindji Gaudiya Maath and instrumental in organizing the first Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath in 2008, Ram Navami Mela in Spring this year, and more recently Ram Leela in Houston.

  7. Shri Padmakant Khambhati was born in Gujaratin 1937, studied to be an Engineer in Amadavad, and migrated to USA in 1970. He was brought up with Shri Ramanuj Sampraday temple in Bhavanagar. He worked at different places in different capacities in  New Jersey & Texas. Shri Khambhati is established Sanatan Hindu Center in 1986, and started Hindu radio program, "Voice of Sanatan Hinduism", first of its kind in USA in 1994. He keeps himself active with Hindu festivals, activities, temples, teaching etc.

Note: We will updating this page as we receive data from the speakers.  

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