Theme: Relevance of Rāmāyana in Modern Times


Frequently Asked Questions


1. My paper has been accepted for presentation. My coauthor and I will be attending the conference. Do we both have to register or only one of us can register?
YES, you both have to register. All those who attend the conference have to register.

2. Do both of us to register by November 15?
No, but at least one of you must register by November 15 otherwise your paper may not be included in the programme schedule. However, please note that reg. fee is higher from October 31. It is therefore good idea to register early.

3. Can I register my coauthor (or colleague) as a Guest?
No. Everyone must register separately in his/her individual capacity.

4. What does the “registration” actually mean?
You fill in the registration form (it can be downloaded from and send it along with the required registration fee at the address indicated on the registration form.

5. I have a full-time employment and I am also currently pursuing my Ph. D. Can I register as a student?
NO. It is only for those who are full-time students and do not have full-time employment.

6. Will the registration fee cover all the meals?
It will cover most meals. The information is available on what it covers on the registration form itself.

7. My wife (or husband) will accompany me. She/he is not interested in attending the conference, but will join for other functions such welcome dinner, lunches, etc. Can I bring her/him?
Sure... but be certain that you register her/him on the same registration from as your guest and pay the applicable guest registration fee.

8. I am presenting two papers. Do I have to register twice and pay two times?
Relax! Registration fee is per person. So you pay only once.


9. Does the registration fee include accommodation?
No. Please read the registration form carefully. It clearly spells out what your registration fee includes.

10. I have sent an e-mail to requesting for an accommodation, but there is no reply. Why?
We are sorry that we do not have resources to make the accommodation arrangement. Information will be posted on the web about arrangements that we have made. You need to contact directly.

11. Will you arrange transportation for me from railway station (or airport) to hotel?
Probably not. Bangalore is a large city. It is hard to manage such logistics.


12. I wanted to present three papers, but you are allowing only two. Why?
We have received so many papers that we have to "ration" it, and therefore we are limiting it to no more than 2 papers per person. Please cooperate and give chance to others!

13. How much time will I have for the presentation?
We expect to provide about 20 minutes, including time for Q&A.

14. Will the LCD  projector be available for PPT presentation?

15. Can I chair a session?
Please send a request to us immediately and we will try to see if we can accommodate your interest. Naturally, the students cannot chair sessions.

16. When will the programme schedule be ready?
We expect it to be ready at least two weeks before the conference and post it on the web. Once the schedule is posted, it is almost impossible to make any changes.